About Us

Mark HarlanFounder & PresidentBridgeWay House Inc.

Our Founding

BridgeWay House was founded in 2017 by Mark Harlan, who struggled with addiction for 15 years before finally recovering. His addiction to drugs and alcohol resolved in homelessness, jails, and eventually overdose.

In and out of seven different recovery homes and treatment centers, Mark finally successfully recovered through the Twelve Steps of AA, which enabled him to mend the bridges he had allowed to fester through the years.

Mark’s challenging journey prepared and inspired him to open BridgeWay House to help others to recover. His personal experiences have enabled him to become an extremely relatable source to those seeking recovery.

Our Program

BridgeWay House offers its residents a structured, twelve-step based program, daily meeting attendance, employment assistance, and various activities. In addition, we provide:

  • Transportation to and from work, doctor visits, court dates

  • Support of medication assisted treatment (Suboxone and Vivitrol)

  • Preparation of family-style dinners five days a week.